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Wisconsin Pyrotechnic Arts Guild

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October 11, 2003 the WPAG hosted a fantastic fireworks show at the Wildlife Campground.  The show was done in appreciation to the folks in the surrounding area for allowing the WPAG to use the Campground as a WPAG shoot site.  Special thanks to Ken, the owner of the campground, for making his facility available to us and treating us like it was our home.

The day started out very foggy and the weather report said there was a chance of rain in the late afternoon.  The wind was gusty from the south and clouds were dark.  None of this deterred the WPAG.   The WPAG members worked all day setting up the show which consisted of a hand fired section, a demo section, and a computer fired section.  Setup went very smoothly and we were ready to shoot by late afternoon.  At 7 p.m. we made announcements and fired up the show.  About 10 minutes into the show it started to sprinkle and by the time the show was done we had a downpour.  The crowd stayed to the bitter end and cheered as the last shell was shot.  Picking up the show in a torrential storm was a treat.  But the WPAG members braved it all and we were all picked up by 8:30.  

All in all we had a very successful and awesome show.  Thanks to all those who attended and participated.

Enjoy the following pictures of our October 11th event.  For more pictures of the event see the link at the end of the pictures.  

Lots of e-matching and lance work.
Chaining and e-matching 4 inch shells,
Did some one say you could take a break!!!!!!
Lots of racks to set out and put together.
Someone had to be a supervisor.
Hard to tell which smile is bigger.  The one on the set piece or the one on the maker of the set piece.
Make sure you put the e-match in the right place.
Everyone liked the battling tanks.
Just about ready.
Even with all those racks we still had to drill a few holes.  Power augers sure make it easier.
Proud parents of a 6 inch shell.

To see more pictures of our WPAG show click here "More Pictures".  If you go to these pictures be aware that they may take several minutes to load depending on the speed of your connection.

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