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Nominations open October 1, 2018 and run thru January 31, 2019

Nominations are CLOSED

Many club members have asked how they can become more involved and one way to do it, is to serve as an Officer or Director.  There are several Board positions open for election and new blood is always welcome!

If you are not abel to attend our May meeting to vote, you may vote absentee.  To read our policy on absentee voting click here to download the Absentee Voting Policy.  After nominations are closed, you can download and print an Absentee Ballot click on the below link.

Click Here For Absentee Ballot

At the May 2019 spring meeting elections, we will vote for:

Vice President

(Currently held by Mark Merten )


(Currently held by Carolyn Collins )

Two (2) Directors
(Currently held by Steve Hubing, and Al Everson)

 Nominations are CLOSED

Nominations received as of Janurary 31, 2019

 Vice - President - elect one of the following

Dan Miller

Treasurer - elect one of the following

Carolyn Collins

Director - elect two of the following

Steve Hubing

John Jagerson

Bill Koehler

Our club bylaws, in Article IV Section 4, establish an open nomination period from October 1st to January 31st. Nominations are to be submitted via email, or U.S. Mail to the Election Chair Person. The Election Chair Person for election cycle is is Robin Cleveland. Nominations may be submitted to Robin via email at whipstaff@yahoo.com or mailed to Robin Cleveland at 813 Appleton St. Menasha, WI 54952.   All nominations must be submitted by the January 31, 2018 deadline.  If you have any questions about these position, please contact Barb Schneider or Robin Cleveland

As a reminder, an individual may nominate themselves or someone else as a candidate for any office up for election. When making a nomination please indicate the specific office for which the nomination is being made.

Because WPAG holds a BATFE and Wisconsin State license, as a fireworks manufacturer, all members running for any Office position on the Board of Directors must meet the requirements for certification as a Responsible Person under current BATFE regulations.

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