WPAG Bylaws

Article I Offices

Section 1 Principal Office.

The principal office of the Wisconsin Pyrotechnic Arts Guild, Inc.

(hereafter referred to WPAG) shall be in the State of Wisconsin.

Section 2 Registered Office

The registered office of the Corporation required by the Wisconsin Business Corporation Law to be maintained in the State of Wisconsin may be, but need not be, identical with the principal office in the State of Wisconsin, and the address of the registered office may be changed from time to time by the board.


Article II Purpose

The purpose of the Corporation shall be to:

1.) To promote the recommended and safe use of pyrotechnic material and compositions.

2.) To encourage the display of public and private pyrotechnics in conjunction with local and national holidays and patriotic events.

3.) To promote the production and sale of high quality pyrotechnic devices and materials.

4.) To channel creative energies of talented people into the design, and display of high quality pyrotechnics through the sharing of knowledge and the setting of good examples.

5.) To provide the proper facilities with the required licenses and permits in order that pyrotechnic activities may be held by the members.

6.) To train pyrotechnicians in the safe and proper methods of assembly and use of pyrotechnics and to assist them in obtaining the proper permits and licenses.


Article III Meetings

Section 1. Time, place, and notice of meetings.

1.) The Board or President may designate the time and place for Meetings.

2.) Notice of meetings will be given in the WPAG news letter, The Fusee.

3.) The notice may be waived by the Board in case of emergency situations. It is clearly understood that this exception shall not be used as a regular tool but may be used in rare situations with the approval of the majority of the Board members.

Section 2 Types of Meetings

1.) Regular Membership Meetings shall be held at least four times per year and may be held more frequently as the need or desire warrants.

2.) Special Membership Meetings will be held at the request of 10 members by written petition request. This petition shall be dated, signed by the requesting members, and shall state the business to be conducted at this special meeting. The request shall be forwarded to the President and the date, time, and location of meeting shall be selected by the Board and shall follow the meeting notice guidelines of Article III.

3.) Board Meetings may be held at any time, in person or by phone upon call by the President. It is understood that a majority of the Board must be in attendance or on line.

Section 3 Organization of Meetings

1.) The President (Vice-President) in his or her absence) shall call all meetings to order. If neither is present, then the majority of the membership present may select a Board Member present to conduct the business of that particular meeting.

2.) Temporary absences in the positions of Secretary and/or Treasurer may be filled by temporary appointment for a particular meeting by Presidential appointment.

3.) Potential members and special guests may be invited to attend one meeting of the WPAG.

Section 4 Quorums

1.) Should less than 10 members be present at a scheduled meeting, those members in attendance along with the Board Members present shall determine whether the meeting be held and business be conducted.

2.) No proxy or absentee votes shall be recognized by the chair.

Section 5. Order of Business at Meetings

1.) Call to Order

2.) Secretary’s Report

3.) Treasurer’s Report

4.) Officer Reports

5.) Director Reports

6.) Committee Reports

7.) Unfinished Business

8.) New Business

9.) Adjourn


Article IV Officers and Terms of Office and Duties

Because of the WPAG’s license under the BATFE as a fireworks manufacturer, all members running for any position on the Board of Directors must be able to meet the requirements for certification as a Responsible Person under current BATFE regulations.

Section 1. Board Members

The Board Members of the WPAG shall be comprised of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and 4 Directors.

Section 2. Term of Office

1) All officer and director terms shall be for a period of two years. The officer and director terms shall be staggered so that half of the officers and directors terms are elected each year.

2) The offices of President, Secretary, and two Directors shall be elected during even numbered years. The offices of Vice President, Treasurer, and two Directors to be elected in odd numbered years.

3) The elections of said officers and directors shall be held during the May meeting each calendar year.

4) Interim Vacancies – vacancies shall be filled by Presidential appointment with approval of the Board. The appointee shall serve the balance of the original term.

Section 3 Duties

1.) The officers shall jointly act as the Board and are charged with the responsibility of general operation; planning, direction, and control of the Club. These elected Officers shall perform all duties incidental to their respective Offices of the WPAG or other duties as from time to time may be assigned by the President or the Board.

2.) President--The President shall preside at all membership meetings, appoint special committees as required and generally oversee all Club activities.

3,) Vice-president-- The Vice-President shall assist the President and assume all duties in his absence.

4.) Secretary--The Secretary shall keep the official minutes of all general and special meetings as called. The club newsletter, currently known as the "Fusee" shall be the responsibility of the Secretary as to layout and publishing in a timely manner so as to keep the membership current and informed of activities of the WPAG. This newsletter responsibility may be assigned to another officer or member by Board action if deemed necessary.  The Secretary shall be responsible to maintain a current member list, membership applications, and be responsible to turn over all dues moneys to the Treasurer in a timely fashion.

5.) Treasurer--The Treasurer shall keep and be responsible for the financial records of the WPAG. These records shall include monies received, disbursed, savings and any other financial information deemed necessary by the Board, Federal, and State Laws under the Articles of Incorporation.

6.) Directors--The Directors shall serve on the Board and provide other general or specific assistance as required.

7.) The Board of Directors with the approval of the membership may combine or separate the offices of Secretary and Treasurer.

8.) Because of the central importance of safety in the fireworks environment, the Board of Directors will appoint one of the Directors at Large to the position of Safety Director.

Section 4 Nomination and Election Process

1.) The Board shall appoint an Election Chairperson prior to October 1st each year to oversee the election process.

2.) The Election Chairperson may not be considered a candidate for election to any office in the election for which they serve as Election Chairperson.

3.) With approval by the Board of Directors, the Election Chairperson shall enlist the assistance of at least two (2) other members in good standing, who are not candidates for any WPAG office, to assist in counting ballots and to ensure a smooth, fair, and efficient election process.

4.) Nominations for each position will be acted upon and voted on separately.

5.) Members may nominate themselves or may nominate other members who meet the requirements for certification as a Responsible Person under current BATFE regulations, and are members in good standing.

6.) Nominations for office shall be submitted in writing by U.S. Mail or E-mail to the WPAG Election Chairperson between October 1st and January 31st.

7.) The Election Chairperson or the Board of Directors  will verify with each nominee that they will accept the position nominated for, if elected.

8.) A listing of candidates running for election as officers and directors must be published in the WPAG newsletter, the Fusee, at least 1 month prior to the scheduled election.

9.) The Election Chairperson shall be responsible for having paper ballots and marking instruments available during the scheduled election meeting.

10.) Provision to write-in a name for any position open for election must be provided.

Section 5 Election and Balloting Procedure

1.) All Officer and Director Positions shall be elected using paper ballots cast by members in good standing.

2.) No candidate may count, nor be involved with, ballots for a position for which they are in contention.

3.) For Board positions with multiple vacancies, no more than one vote may be cast for a particular candidate. If multiple votes for one candidate occur on a ballot, the entire ballot shall be considered null and void.

4.) For Board positions with multiple vacancies, voters need not cast votes to fill the entire vacancies. (Example: Should 3 vacancies exist and a ballot is cast for two candidates, the ballot shall be deemed legal.) However, should a voter cast a ballot for more candidates than the position allows, (Example: A ballot is cast for 4 candidates for a position that has 3 vacancies) the entire ballot shall be considered null and void.

5.) The candidate(s) receiving the highest number of votes shall be declared the winner.

6.) Ties will be broken by a method deemed acceptable by both candidates. If the candidates cannot agree upon an acceptable method, the tie will be broken by a method determined by the President.

7.) In the event of election of a write-in candidate, all other qualifications for the position must be met and accepted by a candidate so elected.


Article V General Provisos

1.) Compensation--no member of the Club shall be compensated for any services rendered to the WPAG, whether an officer or otherwise.

2.) Reimbursement for WPAG club expenses shall not be considered compensation. The bill(s) must be turned over to the Treasurer for the payment of legitimate club activity expenses or materials. Under no circumstances may any member or officer of this club be reimbursed for non-club-related materials or expenses.

3.) Membership lists shall not be public information. It shall be available to WPAG members only for valid club activity use and shall under no circumstance be used to solicit for any non WPAG business or activity.

4.) No member or officer shall obligate the WPAG in any way without prior consent of the Board.

5.) No member shall have the right to assign, transfer, or pledge his interest in the WPAG in any manner.

6.) No member shall use the WPAG name, credit, or property for other than club purposes.

7.) No member shall act in any way detrimental to the best interests of the WPAG or make it impossible to carry on the business or affairs of the WPAG.

8.) Memberships may be revoked and members may not be allowed to participate in WPAG activities for:

a.) non-payment of membership dues

b.) failing to follow a directive from a Safety Committee member at a WPAG pyrotechnic activity.

9.) Should a member or officer of the WPAG act in a way that is in violation of Article V Paragraph 7 the matter shall be taken up by the Board and appropriate action shall be taken to correct the situation up to and including expulsion from the WPAG.


Article VI Membership

Section 1 Types of Membership

1.) Single membership. Single memberships shall have one vote each.

2.) Family membership. Family memberships shall have one vote per family.

3.) Corporate Membership. Corporate memberships shall be entitled to two votes.

4) One Week Membership. One Week memberships shall not be entitled to vote and may only be issued one time per year. One Week Members must be PGI certified and show proof or sign a statement, to get a green (Class B) card, otherwise a red (Class C) card will be issued.

5.) Newsletter only. Shall not be a member and will have no voting privileges.

6.) Memberships are not automatic upon application. Should any member have concerns about a new member application, it shall be brought before the Board, and the Board shall approve or disapprove said application after review of the facts. The WPAG, Inc. reserves the right to solely determine membership eligibility and will not discriminate against anyone in accordance with Federal, State or Local laws.


Article VII Amendments

These Bylaws may be amended, replaced, deleted, or added to after these changes have been presented to the membership in writing. Action shall then be taken at the next membership meeting. Approval shall require a simple majority of those members voting.


Article VIII Committees

1.) The President along with the Board shall appoint a standing Safety Committee whose responsibility shall be to conform with the Federal, State and Local laws, regulations and directives regarding fireworks and pyrotechnic compositions.

2.) The Safety Committee shall correct or remove members from any WPAG pyrotechnic activity that creates unnecessary risk to members or property.

3.) The Safety Committee shall develop programs of instruction for the safe and proper assembly and use of pyrotechnics. With approval of the Board of Directors, the Safety Committee will implement and monitor the programs for compliance.

4.)The Safety Committee shall provide an update at each membership meeting to address any special conditions, instructions or guidelines to be followed for that particular shoot.

5.) It is clearly understood that safety is every members responsibility and they shall conduct themselves accordingly and use sound judgment during WPAG activities.

6.) The President along with the Board may establish, modify or eliminate committees as deemed necessary.


Article IX Dissolution

Upon dissolution of the WPAG, Inc., its assets shall be transferred to such other Pyrotechnic Organizations that the Board determines to be progressive in the pyrotechnic field. Such organizations shall be non-profit and represent the interests of the pyrotechnic causes.

Latest Amendments approved May 19, 2018

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