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Wisconsin Pyrotechnic Arts Guild

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May 19 & 20  Meeting/Shoot

The WPAG held its first weekend  Seminar/Shoot on May 19th and 20th 2001 at the Wildlife Campground near Birnamwood, WI. The weekend was picture perfect for building pyro and an overnight pyro event.

Saturday started out with the mine building.  The club is planning to do a 9 minute "Welcome to Wisconsin" show at this year's PGI and we need 300  3 inch mines, so we decided to build them as a club activity.  There were many club members on hand to help build.  An assembly line was set up and we build 325 mines in about 4 hours!!

After the mine building, a seminar on making black match was given.  The procedure showed was simple and used home made tools to produce a 4 string black match.  

Following the seminar we had a meeting and eats.  Then on to setting up the equipment for the shoot.  We had a lot of material to shoot.  Many very nice shells were shot, along with some pretty nice rockets.  Rockets are always exciting and they proved to be just that at this shoot.  More than one barely made it out of the launch tube before blowing up!!  Oh, yea I forgot to mention we had to test several of our recently made mines.

Several members stayed over night and there were some pretty amazing stories told around the camp fire that night.  And of course true to the pyro world there were a few "pryo" devices that made their way into the campfire.

The next day was again a beautiful day.  After everyone rolled out of their tents and campers a large breakfast was prepared for everyone to feast on.  We had another seminar on making roman candles and even shot them off.  

Our weekend event was one of the best WPAG shoots we've had so far.  I'm sure more will be planned.



We had perfect weather for our first weekend meeting/shoot. There were several tables set up to produce an assembly line to make our mines.
At this table we were adding the end discs to a paper can.
After the cans had the end disc added and paper wrapped around them quick match and stars were added.
Black powder was put into little plastic baggies for lift.
Each can had gummed paper tape added to the bottom for strength.
Remember how to tie a clove note?

The finished product. We turned out 325 mines in a little over 4 hours.

The mines in action.  
After all the mines were made we had a seminar on black match making.  Here four cotton strings are being pulled through a slurry of black powder
In this picture you can see the black match coming out the front of the match making machine.  The match is hung out like close line to dry.

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