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Wisconsin Pyrotechnic Arts Guild

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May 18th, 2002 Shoot

This was our second shoot of the year.  The day was sunny but unseasonably cool, even for Wisconsin.  The day started of with a seminar given by one of our members on building fountains and gerbs.  We had a good turn out and there was a lot of good discussions about the finer points of pyro.   There was plenty of both class C and class B materials shot and I'm sure our spectators saw a very nice show.

The day began with a seminar on how to build fountains and gerbs.
Fountain and gerbs are a easy and inexpensive way to start building pyro.
Even though the day was cold, there was plenty activity before it was time to shoot. 
Some members chose to get their excitement by locking their keys in the car!!!!!
These are a couple of the shells that were shot at the shoot.  The smaller shell is a 4 inch red & blue star to whistle and bottom shot.  The larger shell is a 4 inch Draw Out shell.
Of course we had to test the wind before it was dark.
Will it ever get dark?
One of our more experienced rocket builders venturing into the world of girandoles.  There's lots to learn :)
What's up there?
Now on with the show.
Did some one say girandola?
That's all folks.

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