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Wisconsin Pyrotechnic Arts Guild

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May 14, 2005 Meeting/Shoot

Our first shoot of the year and despite the weather, it was a great shoot.  The temperature was a little on the chilly side and the sky was mostly cloudy and every now and then we would have to dodge a few rain drops.  Once in a while the sun would peak out and it felt good.

The shoot started off with a seminar of how to make 1/2 inch and 1/4 inch black powder rockets. After the talk on how to make the rockets, members had a chance to build and shoot their own rocket. We had many people in attendance and judging from the smiles on peoples faces everyone enjoyed the seminar.

Later in the afternoon we had our annual WPAG meeting.  There was much discussion on the current state of hobby pyro and everyone was encouraged join pyro clubs and donate money to the Fireworks Foundation to help fight law suits against our hobby.  Officers were elected and then it was on to shooting fireworks.

With lots of both class C and class B fireworks being shot, we had a great show.  The class C fireworks continue to get better and better.  And how about those class B fireworks that our club members are making.  Nothing short of spectacular.  Following our open shooting one of our members put on a super commercial class B show.  This show was advertised and we had lots of local people watching the show.

Enjoy the Pictures

Sometimes you have to put up the tent more than once!!  It seems the ground was a little wet for one of our club members.  Notice his patriotic "boots".  Who says that those plastic bags don't come in handy.

The rocket seminar was a great success.  We learned a lot on how to build those wonderful BP rockets.

There's nothing better than pounding rockets.  At least that's what some would say.

The class C line was well attended.

Our members are putting together some great shells.





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