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Wisconsin Pyrotechnic Arts Guild

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July 14th Shoot

Once again the WPAG was blessed with perfect weather (well maybe it was a little hot, but I'm not complaining).  The day started  with the club setting up another assembly line to lift 60 - 4 inch shells and 13 - 6 inch shells.  The shells were donated to the club to be used in our up coming PGI show.  All in all it took us about 4 hours to get all the work done.  We also made a few test mines for later that night.

At the meeting we mostly discussed our plans for the PGI show and other club PGI activities.

Then on to setting up the shoot site.  We hadn't had any rain for several weeks and the ground was HARD.  But thanks to a couple of hard working club members with a motorized post hole digger we got all the mortars planted.   We had a lot of material for the shoot and we shot stuff non-stop for over 2 hours.  We had all kinds of shells and even a Clark's Giant Steel fountain.  One of the best shell's was a perfect rondell shell.  It went of like clock work (just a little pun intended).  There was also lot's of nice class C stuff (although the whistles got kind of annoying at times).

Several of the club members camped over night and we were once again blessed with several good stories around the campfire.

A GOOD TIME was had by all.

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Below are several nice pictures of some of the shells that were shot at our shoot.  Most of the shells shot were made my club members.  We're getting a very talented group.


We spend a lot of time lifting  4 inch can shells and also  6 inch round shells.  These pictures show some of the stations we had set to perform different steps in our "shell lifting" assembly line.


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